Overview of Sport Dome

Material of Sport Dome

Shelter sport dome is the most stable triangle structures which made by steel tube. Geodesic dome is the clear span space without any pillars, columns or cross walls which allows the whole space in arranging. Membranes used to cover Shelter sport domes are high quality, durable made of polyester fabric which is easy to keep clean and UV resistance. All the covered fabric are certified with European and American Standard (such fire retardancy B1, M2 and NFPA 701). In addition, we offer fabric printing service for sport geodome design, you can print the logo, slogan or brand name to attract the visitors.

Features & Application of Sport Dome

Diameter Option: 4m to 60m (13′ to 200′).
Standard Height: Half of Diameter (Customized Design is Allowed in Shelter).
Fabric Option: Standard white PVC fabric (Color Optional), fabric with transparent fronts, whole transparent fabric.
Frame Option: Galvanized steel tube, aluminum alloy tube, stainless steel tube.
360° Version: Thanks to the geodesic design, we can create an effect of a fully-immersive and holographic 3D projection that can make everyone inside enjoy the different visual experience.
Application: Yoga Room, boxing room, backyard playground, large sport center, lounge tent and more.

Products of Sport Dome

Dia. 15m Dome Fitness Club – Geodesic Dome Tent
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