Overview of Polygonal Tent

Polygonal Tent – Ideal Solution for Training Hall

Polygonal tent structures from Shelter is the ideal solution for a range of temporary or permanent sport building. Multi-arch structures especially designed for a training facilities for soccer, tennis, swimming, handball, volleyball, ice-hockey or basketball. Polygonal sports tent with multi-arch roof is available in unlimited length (Adding Unit in 5m Bay Distance) with standard span width (From 20m through to 60m). The standard height of our polygonal tent is 4m and 6m, and also allowed customized design for your real demand. In addition, multi-side tent can be optional in hexagon, decagon, tetradecagon, 24 sides and more. If you want an large high peak tent for sport canopy or lounge, multi-side tent will be ideal solution.

Structures & Material of Polygonal Tent

Polygonal tent structures are supplied with two different options for the roof shape: multi-arch roof and multi side roof. All the structures is made by hard pressed aluminum alloy which is durable and stainless to all climate situation. And the life span will be last over 20 years in reasonable using. For covered roof, our PVC coated polyester fabric is manufactured with high quality certification: totally waterproof, UV resistance, fire retardant (DIN4102, B1, M2, NFPA701). Compare with classical “A” frame tent, the length of frame part in polygonal tent will be smaller and more transportable. Polygonal tent allowed the structures meet you need with rapid installation and convenience in storing. For ensuring you will install the sports tent with completed facilities, Shelter offers a series of accessories for you.

Products of Polygonal Tent

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