Overview of Arch Tent

Arch tent also called arcum tent, which is the clear span tent with the curved roof. The most strong and elegant structures in the tents market. If you are looking for a relocatable, stable and modular structures for your sports center, the arch tent will be the ideal solution. The span size can be optional from 15m to 60m (50′ – 200′), the length can be unlimited by adding 5m (16′) bay distance. With the streamlined design of the roof, arch sports tent will have a better performance in rain and windy (windload: 120km/h) day.

Shelter has provided arch tent for VIP lounge and catering space for PGA Tour since 2014. High quality creates the reliable relationship with our client.

Products of Arch Tent

Shelter customized basketball court for sale - basketball court canopy with curved roof - arch sports structures supplier -3
17 x 30 x 6m Arch Basketball Court Construction
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SHELTER Football Hospitality Hall Suites - Two Story Lounge Tent with Curved Roof -3
Two Story Football Hospitality Tent
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23 SHELTER Sport Hospitality Packages - Arch Tent - Sport Lounge - Curved Beam Tent
Sports Hospitality Packages – Arch Roof Lounge Tent
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33 SHELTER Arch Tent - Covered Swimming Pool Enclosures - Pool Shed - Pool with Canopy
Arch Roof Pool Shed – Transparent Swimming Pool Cover
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Curved Shade Canopy Tent – Arch Sport Canopy
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